Controlling behavior in dating who is dating undertaker

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If your partner doesn’t have any friends, it’s a very clear sign something’s wrong with them. In controlling relationships, they’ll never be happy with how you look. If someone genuinely likes you, they won’t try to change who you are. He wanted me to get rid of all my clothes that color *I didn’t, by the way*.

[Read: 15 questions to reveal a controlling personality instantly] #2 Wants you to change. You’ll need to constantly be changing yourself to please them. I mean, that’s what attracted them to you in the first place. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend] #3 It’s all about the small things. But they make you second guess what you’re doing and if you’re making the right decisions.

However, in a controlling relationship, your partner tries to drive you away from completing your goals to control you. Everyone needs some personal space and time to themselves.

Maybe you want to go to yoga class or read a book at the park. They try to make you feel guilty that you need time to yourself and that you don’t love them.

If they tease you constantly, they’ll say, If you say anything back, you’ll be told that your reaction is incorrect and that you have a negative reaction.

So, here are the 18 signs you need to look out for.

#1 Makes you feel guilty when spending time with friends. Listen, if they’re upset that you spend time with your friends, that’s a problem.

They initially make small comments about your friends and family, or they’ll forget to tell you they called or they’re not a good support system. [Read: How to stop being manipulated in a relationship] #12 Questions, questions, questions. Expect a list of questions the minute you tell them what you’re doing.

Their goal is to make them your only support system. Everything must be questioned and you better have an answer. They pick what you two will do today, they decide where you’re going to eat—they’re the boss.

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