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Can Emily escape Heather’s enticement or will she follow the path of Betsy and succumb to her enticements.Sometimes, meeting an e-friend face to face results in a lifetime friendship in the real world.Unfortunately, he finds out that things are seldom as they are in stories, and being hypnotized is not the same thing as having no will of your own...It’s holiday season, and festive Mister Talv is throwing one of his famous parties. To make his events that extra little bit special, he always lays on unusual and memorable entertainment for his ‘guests’. Ben, a man of great power and few boundaries, ends up at a party and begins to make some changes.They decide that they’re going to eccentric billionaire Mason De Graves telling them everything? Caught in a haze of pheromones, frustration and anger, the world’s mightiest hero turns an arch super villainess into the love of his life.This act sparks a series of events that threaten the balance of power in the superhero world.What happens to Betsy when she realizes the experience with Heather has provided much more then research notes.Now Emily, a young professional, is added to the mix.

Ever read about those fiascos where the SWAT team kills the drug dealer’s neighbors instead by mistake? Debacles like that sometimes occur in the MC universe too—we just never speak of them.

Rebecca Abrams has the chance to be a hero, to save the museum where she works from financial collapse.

But to do so, she must collect a major donation from an important woman she’s never met, to whom money means far less than other things.

A strange app sends Kyle into a white room and his whole world changes.

Now he slays zombies, kills werewolves, and enslaves beautiful women all on his quest to defeat an all powerful wizard terrorizing his small town.

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