Dating anniversary trips

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There may be bed and breakfast in the location and depending on where you go there may be off season rates available.Make allowance for the days that you are going to be gone and how much your daily limit is and stick to it.Check with local real estate agencies near the waterfront for cottages for weekly or daily rent. Call AAA and ask for brochures for the places you're interested in. Your librarian is a VALUABLE source of information when you don't know where to begin.The easiest place to start your "research" is on the Internet. Last but not least, call a town's Chamber of Commerce (You can call information in the area code of the places you're thinking of) for lots of helpful information.Carol Ann Take out a map and draw a circle covering 300 mile radius from where you live then look for an interesting place within the circle that you and your husband would like to visit.This way you could make the trip in one day in a car and still not be too tired to look around and see the sights.These take quite a bit of advance planning and to use a service does cost some fee, however the money saved in not paying for hotel costs can really make a difference.Make sure you find a service that does some checking on those with whom you will be trading.

Kyndra First I suggest joining the Automobile Club of America. Kim This is for the couple who wanted a cheap travel destination for their vacation. I highly recommend a cruise for a fantastic vacation that is easily budgeted. Related: How to Cruise on a Budget Several years ago I gave my husband a "second honeymoon" for Christmas by renting a log cabin with a stone fireplace at a local State Park (Pine Mountain to be exact.All you have to bring is your honey, what food you are going to eat, candles, and anything special to the two of you. Icelandair offers affordable packages that include airfare, hotel, transfers, tours and even some meals! This is in reply to the woman looking for an inexpensive, romantic vacation.Also, by staying in the State Park, you have access to all accompanying attractions, such as canoeing, hiking, swimming, picnicking, exhibits, museums, etc. We live in a state which has parks everywhere from the Beach to the Mountains. It is definitely a romantic, exotic country and we recommend it to everyone. I don't know what area she lives in, but the Pocono resorts are wonderful.Melanie Rather than looking for specific destinations and ideas, I suggest that you first define what you are looking for in an anniversary vacation. Settle on a list of words that define what you want from your trip, then make a list of places and things that would fit the list.Be especially articulate in what activities will make both of you happy (one person may assume a trip to California means outdoor sports, the other may fantasize about museums and restaurants). By what kind of transportation (airplane, car, etc.)?

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