Dating men with adhd

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Sure, ADHD might mean that he won't always respond punctually.

But is his ADHD so severe that he goes for days on end without even thinking about you a single time? I have a lot to think about.wants to be with a rude and inconsiderate guy.

Avoid talking yourself into pretending you are OK with his treatment. Some other things I should mention...there are times when he does text me quite a bit and I love when he opens up about whats going on in his life (usually we do this in person, over dinner).

I was quite good at this, and nothing good ever came from it. Seems like most of my issues are with texting and the communication in between our meetings. But then other times, it will be like he is just gone.

He works a lot and is in the entertainment industry, so his working hours are not consistent.

Of late, I feel like Im constantly being pushed back and it feels like rejection.

If he views this as a serious relationship (does he? ), and if he knows that you value hearing back from him (have you brought this up with him?

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He goes out of his way to make me feel special and comfortable and whether we are out in public or in private, he cant keep his hands or lips off of me. At first I joked that it seemed like he was abducted by aliens, but now its not so funny. I love his quirkiness and I care for him very much, but I cant handle getting just crumbs.

We talked about this and I was okay with not spending as much time together, but we did talk about how i needed more communication if that were the case.

I just feel wrong to want/need more than what he is giving me?

Did he provide a good reason to you for why he doesn't take his medication? I agree with what you said Tone Tone, Just because we have strong chemistry does not mean that he wants or is capable of having a serious relationship. I mean we did talk about it and he seemed to want it (a relationship), but I guess its not really important to him.

And why he smokes marijuana, especially if that might make him even more forgetful? Giving him the benefit of the doubt, maybe texts messages are boring for him, whereas seeing you in real life is more fun, allowing him to sustain his attention on you. He might feel comfortable physically with you and be quite attracted to you. I think he is being passive aggressive and avoiding getting together with me cause he feels like if I get frustrated enough, I will go away.

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