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xi afterwards styled by Columella a perfect system of knowledge ; and possessing the greatest industry, as may be inferred by his having completed so vast an undertaking : one who entertained the most elevated notions of his duties to his fellow-citizens and to pos- terity ; the impressive inculcator of justice, candour, magnanimity, and a bold course of independence in the exercise of the medical art ; " a steady observer of the first entrance of truths into errors, and of errors into truths," with all the wary circumspection of the phi- losopher, " in admiring or despising any thing." Among the ancients who bear testimony to his merits, or cite him as authority, are Columella in Re Rustica, 11.2.

What Celsus said of medicine may now be said of his own fame, •" Haec nusquam quidem non est." G.

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Ihe eunea- pharmacum plaster appears to be best suited to curing this kind of wound : for it both contains suet lor exciting suppu- ration, and honey for cleansing the wound : it contains marrow also, mostly that from veal, which is singularly e&- .

It that prove corrosive, it must be mixed with rose-oil.

His treatise on medicine supplies few materials even to the most ingenious biographer ; for his rare and ad- mirable modesty has thrown an almost impenetrable veil over his history.

The mind, however, even in this dearth of information, busies itself in supplying the deficiencies ; and as we become familiar with his work, (thus has it happened to all his commentators,) he be- comes known to us as " a right noble gentleman," pos- sessing the genuine spirit of philosophy, urbane with- out foppery, gentle but firm of purpose, cautious in dealing out either censure or praise, capable of the greatest conceptions, as is proved by his having been bold enough to commence his six books of the arts, OF CELSUS.

It is not improper also, by means of a syringe, to inject into the bladder a solution ot nitre in vinegar through the wound : for, by this also, the coagula are discussed ; and where we have our tears that there is an internal collection, it is expedient to put this into practice on the first day : especially, if debility prevent the patient from eliciting its discharge by walkin- The other measures, that is to say, immersion in the soli- um, and the application of the linen pledget and the wool are to be pursued as before. shorter period than one aflfected with severe inflammation ; and the lax not so long as the rigid frame.

[ The Translator to his Readers.^ Sixteen months had scarcely elapsed when the last edition of this work was announced to be out of print. Celsus finding medicine already divided into three departments, the dietetical, pharmaceutical, and surgical, arranges his treatise accordingly.

That our author possessed a diversity of talent, which led him to treat on a variety of subjects, is evidenced by the notice taken of him in the writings of his contem- poraries, as well as in those of his successors. What 1 Concession upon a practical point, emanating from a man who never practised 1 It must have been a modest concession with a vengeance! The learned have wondered at the versatility of his talent, and many have doubted whether it was pos- sible for one man to be practically versed in the several subjects which he adorned ; forgetting how much more wonderful it would be, had he erected such an elegant superstructure on the flimsy basis of compi-^ lation.

Suppuratives are the dressings proper in this case, and should the wound re- quire deterging, it must be anointed with honey.

inch, and 0.636 17.255^ 8.627f 4.3 13| 2.875ii 0.7 1S« Roman Measures of Capacity for thinus Dry, reduced to English Corn Measure, the English corn pint holding 3^f inches. In that case, the inflammation is ended about the fifth or seventh day ; as it diminishes, the solium becomes super- fluous : all that is required is to foment the wound with hot water, while he is lying on his back, to wash away any acri- dity that may have been left by the urine.

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