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Women are the overwhelming targets of intimate partner and domestic violence. The women suffer long term social, emotional, physical and economic trauma.

Their children, likewise -- girls being more likely to become victims, boys abusers.

Those opposed in Congress and their supporters seem obsessed by ideas that insist that these people who are part of the statistics above, especially the women (doubly so if immigrant women), lie, cheat, and are committing fraud.

So far, no one has documented these claims with any substance. Department of Justice and The Centers for Disease Control, among others, provide longitudinal data based on large, national survey sizes, I'm sticking with these facts: "male partners assault 2 million American women each year" and "that 95 percent of the victims of domestic violence are women." If men are being battered in mass numbers, they need to come forward and report these crimes.

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In the time it takes me to write this paragraph, 26 people -- given our statistics probably all women -- will be assaulted by an intimate partner in the U. In the roughly 48 hours between my writing and posting, at least six women in the US and hundreds if not thousands around the world will be killed by violent spouses.So, for example, homosexuals, transsexuals, immigrants and native Americans assaulted by non-Native Americans are citizens enough."Hostile," which is a word that can and has been used to describe the tenor of Republican objections, isn't just a metaphor when you are talking about thousands of people (some of whom may be homosexuals, transsexuals, immigrants or Native American women assaulted by non-Tribal men), routinely humiliated, hit, kicked, raped, stalked, beaten, strangled and murdered every day, most often by spouses." Because something has to change so that we reauthorize VAWA as quickly as possible.50 Facts About Domestic Violence These are only some of the reasons why we should #Pass VAWA2012.

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