Endpoint not updating server

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Unlike with Nagios, you can add hosts “automatically” in Icinga 2 out of the box.

That is, you have to do some things, but configuration is quite easy compared to getting started with NRPE.

endpoint not updating server-22

endpoint not updating server-64

endpoint not updating server-84

endpoint not updating server-58

I’m aiming for the latter of the two here: the master is in control and sends commands, the information/cli: Disabling the Notification feature. Make sure to restart Icinga 2 for these changes to take effect. information/cli: Created backup file ‘/etc/icinga2/features-available/orig’. information/cli: Created backup file ‘/etc/icinga2/orig’.

You should persist these securely and associate them with users of your application.

Make sure, however, that these identifiers are never exposed client-side.

These master uses the common name to connect to the server and the local zone name to identify it in configuration files. It then goes on to ask you about your master node: Please specify the master endpoint(s) this node should connect to: Master Common Name (CN from your master setup): icinga-server Do you want to establish a connection to the master from this node?

[Y/n]: Please enter the Common Name of your master node (in my case ‘icinga-server’).

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