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One, an image of two serious-looking young men, is a postcard.

“People may have moved here, or family sent them a photo,” said Donadio, who grew up in southwest Washington, but later moved to Oregon, New York and California before settling in Everett.

We screen each prospect carefully to make sure we're only presenting our clients only with people who are accomplished, upstanding and desirable.

And, as you would expect from a professional dating service of our caliber, our matchmaker services are kept confidential to protect our clients' privacy.

It is this approach that makes us the leader in selective dating, including professionals dating and celebrity dating.

As well as Seattle matchmaking, our millionaire matchmaker services are available throughout the world.

Donadio has traveled the world, and has the keepsakes to show for it. I’ve been to Paris, Rome, Korea, Istanbul and Egypt,” she said.

She delights in souvenirs, books and artwork from her trips, but also loves the faces she found cast aside in Everett. “I’m starting to get very nostalgic for them.” Preserving photos The National Archives website offers tips on preserving family papers and photographs.

As helpful as these services may be for some, others find them overwhelming, time-consuming and ineffective at finding compatible people.Most of the old images she has are professional portraits, black-and-white or sepia. Spreading pictures on her dining room table, Donadio explained last week that at first she wanted them for their elaborate paper frames and envelope-like covers.Among her favorites is an Art Deco-style paper cover, likely from the 1930s, that opens to reveal a baby photo.In a demure pose, a girl appears dressed for a party. She especially likes a professional portrait of three children.Looking at their modest clothes and simple hairstyles, Donadio believes they didn’t come from wealth but were “very loved.” Though she found the photos in Everett, Donadio said many of them were taken in other parts of the country.

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