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If that strikes you as tragic, just watch the whole series — even at its low points, Mr. " The idea of this sketch — what if rap was sanitized and reduced to stereotypical signifiers?

— is decent enough, but something just feels off about the execution.

It is unbelievable kismet that, a week after Saturday Night Live aired what many believe to be one of its worst episodes in years, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are returning tomorrow with Netflix’s With Bob and David, four more episodes of sketch comedy in the vein of their beloved 1990s HBO program Mr. For those bored by SNL's relentless topicality and notorious inconsistency, Mr.

Show has proved to be something of a bottomless well of comedy, even nearly two decades after it first aired.

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Seeing Odenkirk attempt to rap ("Rap rap rap, rap rap rap") is kind of funny, but also more proof that any time Mr. Show's influence: the conceit of recruiting preteen basketball players to invest in their future recently reappeared in slightly different form as a business model on the third season of Nathan for You.

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Perhaps because it's hard to tell what's actually being made fun of: cultural cannibalizing for mass consumption, or, you know, just rap in general. "Hate Group" (Season 2, Episode 5) After a bout of poor planning and crossed wires, a hate group devolves into a self-help session — and even though the sketch has a somewhat triumphant ending, it never quite comes together. "Drunk Cops" (Season 2, Episode 3) A brief, Cops-spoofing interlude that, following the previous season's Ronnie Dobbs sketch, comes across as little more than reheated leftovers. "Emergency Psychic Hotline/Dalai Lama/Monk Academy" (Season 4, Episode 5) A trio of interlocking sketches that stand out amid Mr.

Show's final season only for their dip in quality — and that's not taking into account the extremely cringeworthy n-word dropped by Cross in the middle of the triptych.

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