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I have always been aware that all the domestic and wild animals I have come in contact with behaved as distinct individuals if you took the time to observe their behavior.

Puppies and kittens from the same litter all grow up to be distinct individuals with recognizable differences in their behavior and reactions.

To understand how big a role it plays, we look at chance and patterns in sports, lottery tickets, and even the cells in our own body.

Laura Buxton, an English girl just shy of ten years old, didn't realize the strange course her life would take after her red balloon was swept away into the sky.

He thought my husband had had a "phsychiatric break" on learning that he had an incurable disease.

I think that this subject requires a whole program, to explore how this occurs, warn the public and enable others to avoid destroyed lives and horrendous emotional pain.

This comment is related to the segment regarding "random rules".

So the probability of getting NO 7-in-a-rows with 14 attempts is about 80%.

And the probability of getting AT LEAST one 7-in-a-row in 14 attempts is 1 - 0.8021 = 0.1978, about 20% or 1 in 5 odds. I was very interested in the piece about the woman with Parkinson's Disease.

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