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However, it is important that FEPADE enforces the law accordingly so citizens, famous and non-famous, are fully aware that playing dirty in favor of a party, or a candidate can bring severe consequences such as, loosing your freedom, or financial instability.”Doval also added that Herrera and other famous people received money from the political party to promote voting on their social media, “Miguel Herrera received money for promoting such political party, just like other celebrities who also tweeted in favor of the PVEM already admitted they did, right in the middle of elections.”Janel Saldana joined the Latin Times family in March 2015.

She graduated from Texas Christian University and UDLAP (Universidad de las Américas Puebla) with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Radio, TV and Film production.

Shortly after that prayer, however, I began to feel guilty.

Moroni's words came into my head: "Sincere heart and real intent ...

In addition, he is being accused of receiving money in exchange of doing so.

After the initial rejection, we invited him to pray to know if our message was true before we came by again.Representatives from the Federal Government gave Herrera 48 hours to show up in Court to make a statement before they had to send Federal Agents to his home.The Attorney General of Mexico stated “El Piojo” violated the FMF’s ethic code by tweeting in favor of a political party.The avenue is the most historically famous in all of Persia.The famous Champs-lyses boulevard (Paris) was designed after this beautiful inner-city lane.

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