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"she's watching your every move." One of my captives gripped my cock and waved it, presumably at my neighbour.

"oh, she's clapping you" he said, he gave my cock another wave.

A heavy strap was then fastened around my chest, and one around my forehead, making sure I couldn't move a muscle. One of my captives remained in the back of the van, whilst the other two went into the cab. The guy in the back with me said nothing, but was staring at my naked body, bound to the chair, for the whole journey, it was quite embarrassing.

I had never had anything really big up there but I was training it up with dildos etc..Chapter 1It was after my divorce, I was alone, I could do exactly as I wished.I had long, during my marriage, been visiting BDSM sites on the internet, I had even visited Mistresses in realtime, I had even visited transvestite Mistresses.I got dressed, and continued back in the chat room. They came through the door, and roughly pushed me to the floor.About an hour later, there was a knock on the door. They couldn't possibly really know where I lived, it couldn't be them, could it? I looked through the security spyhole, and saw three men dressed in various forms of leather bondage gear, and whilst it was dark, my neighbours would be sure to see them if they looked out. "You're supposed to be still naked, strip at once." "Hey lads its only a game, take it easy, no need for all that".

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