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This video, by US luger Kate Hansen, features a wolf walking through the athletes’ dorm. With over 10 years of professional writing experience, he's written about everything from cognitive science to mountain biking.It was just another example of how things were going wrong in Russia. While this does actually show a wolf walking through the hall, it wasn’t a wild Russian one: it was a trained American wolf named Rugby. The Internet was much less endeared when they found out that the whole thing had been put together by Comedy Central, and some very talented animal trainers, to generate press for a show called “Nathan for You.” The video was huge — it was featured on Time, Huffington Post, Yahoo!News, Gawker, ABC News, and many other major outlets.The video was organized by Pretty Social, a company that says people “Just to be clear: Pretty Social is not a social-media tattoo parlor.The popularity of the #Sochi Fail hashtag brought a lot of pranksters out of the woodwork, with some hilarious — and some not-so-hilarious — results. After an MA (and most of a Ph D) in psycholinguistics, he fully committed to digital and print journalism.

The most famous of these, posted in 2007, included instructions on how to charge an i Pod using Gatorade and an onion. A lot of people were convinced by this hoax, with the video receiving almost 10,000,000 views.

You Tuber susyj87 brought it to a new level with an entire sleeve made up of the profile pictures of her Facebook friends.

Of course, this one was debunked fairly quickly, as the owner of the tattoo stop stated that it was a temporary tattoo that would only last a few days.

You Tube videos detailing surprising science-y things can do really well (I especially like Smarter Every Day).

But not every home science project that you see on You Tube works.

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