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From your Calendar folder, select New Appointment, New Meeting, or click New Items and choose All Day Event to get started.

For more information, see Create or schedule an appointment, meeting, or event.

For example, you can import all of the games for a particular baseball or football team.

To subscribe to an internet calendar, download a calendar file with an extension.

Double-click the file you downloaded and say Yes if Outlook asks you if you'd like to import or subscribe to the calendar.

for more information, see Introduction to publishing Internet Calendars.

Appointments, meetings, and events share a number of similarities.

All have a start and end date and time, a subject, and a location.

You can select the way that your calendar information is displayed by clicking Calendar in the Navigation Pane.

If you create a meeting and later want to add another attendee, simply open the meeting from your calendar and add the attendee to the To line or from the Scheduling Assistant.

Then select Send Update to send the meeting request to the new attendee.

Events are just like appointments, except by default, they last at least one complete day.

Meetings are appointments or events with other attendees.

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