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You start talking about marriage, then you stop engaging in any physical contact.

You start praying together, but you also begin “fasting” from one another.

But this if/then approach can easily become an attempt at bribing God.

Here’s the problem with the perfect relationship: It doesn’t exist.

He doesn’t want us to have any contact for a month.” Just like that, my friend was sent into a tailspin. And why had God communicated something so different to him than He had to her?

She hadn’t seen it coming, and neither of us knew what it meant. As difficult as my friend’s experience was, her story is not unique in the Church.

Knowing this, many well-meaning Christians work hard to stay on the straight and narrow.

In an earnest attempt to honor God and one another, many sincere couples take a circuitous route marked by pain, confusion and unnecessary detours.

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Are you pursuing holiness in order to earn the reward of marriage?Does that mean anything goes, that we should “continue in sin that grace may abound? ” Christians should certainly pursue holiness and spiritual integrity in dating.When my husband and I dated, we set aside a day each month to retreat from one another, pray and re-center ourselves.Are you trying to perfect your love life apart from the grace and mercy of God?By trying to avoid idolatry of a person, are you idolizing the perfect relationship instead?

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