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They murdered at least 12 non–family members, all women, in vicious sex crimes.

One victim was Lucy Katherine Partington, the cousin of novelist Martin Amis.

She abused them viciously, finally killing Charmaine in June.

When the girl’s mother came to see her children in August, she was also killed.

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She became pregnant many times, giving birth to a total of seven children.Fred and Rosemary West of Gloucester, England shared such a passion.The horrors that unfolded at their home on 25 Cromwell Street are almost too gruesome to describe.Terry Garner learned this the hard way, when the 70-year-old Oregon farmer was eaten by his pigs, a rare but not unheard-of occurrence.In fact, serial killer Robert Pickton used the voracious nature of his hogs to hide the evidence of his crimes, feeding the remains of mutilated prostitutes to the animals.

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