Seventeen dating

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While some fans easily shut down the rumors that the two are in a relationship with each other, others have started to suspect that the rumor might not be too ridiculous after all.

He is blowing a kiss to the camera, saying “Dear Min Kyung, love you”. ”, “It seems that there’s need to be explained” and “Let me know where this video came from”.

Netizens who wateched this video reacted, “Is this Dino? Despite many rumors dealing with this video, Pledis Entertainment hasn’t shown any other official announcement on this situation, just keeping saying “Checking facts RN”.

In-ear is a gadget that lets singers hear the melody of the song since it may not be heard by the screaming of fans or other noises.

Musicians usually have their own gadget since it goes inside the ear directly, and sometimes, those prepared in broadcasting companies don’t work well.

However, after checking out all the clues and evidences from fans, Dino’s Min Kyung seems to be a female staff working in Pledis Entertainment.

Because fans found out that Min Kyung was already mentioned by Dino before, on the ‘Thanks to’ of Dino.

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