Sophomore dating senior

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By now everyone has settled back into the hustle & bustle of the semester.

You’ve figured out the quirks of your teachers, whether attendance is part of your grade, and you’ve also realized that you might need to switch your study group.

But fret not, having a serious relationship isn’t impossible; make sure you talk to your partner and be honest about where both of you are in life.

As long as your honest about what you want and the direction you want to take things (or not take things,) then you can work on doing what is best for both of you, and especially what is best for you as a senior in college.

Not to say that relationships during your early years of college don’t require effort (all relationships do,) but planning your life after college with someone else in mind can prove to be a challenge.

If you truly love someone and have been with them for some time, then I can see how it would be slightly unrealistic to just break up and move on with your life.

You’ve worked so hard to reach senior year, so don’t change your plans for someone unless you truly love them and know what is right.

There is nothing wrong with dating and exploring options, but if you’re not in the mindset to date and know that you want to focus on your grades (my grades tend to slip when I’m caught up in a serious relationship,) then it’s best to stay single.

Dating during underclassmen years proved to be a beautiful, exciting, and easy journey.

You could spend hours in class daydreaming & doodling hearts, and not having to worry about where you’ll end up at the end of the semester.

I recently was in a situation with someone that I considered embarking on a relationship with.

We spent almost every single day together, and in the midst of our time together, I came to a few conclusions regarding dating in your last year of college.

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