Updating palm 700wx internet

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On the left side you'll find volume up and down keys along with a user-assignable button that's assigned to the camera by default.

A large IR window and the door covering the mini SD slot are on the PDA's right side and the sync and charge ports are on the bottom edge.

And can it compete with the more powerful Cingular 8525? The Treo, like the 8525 is a Pocket PC with a touch screen, and those who value the added capabilities of that OS will find the Treo more suited than an MS Smartphone which lacks a touch screen and the mobile MS Office suite (MS Smartphones are also somewhat more difficult to customize since they're more locked-down).

Though the Cingular 8525 has Wi Fi, a higher resolution display and some hardware buttons that make one-handed operation somewhat possible; the Treo is smaller, has an ever-ready keyboard and Palm's myriad software customizations that make it the easiest Windows Mobile Pocket PC phone to use.

We had no issues with the keyboard layout other than the colon (:) which has no place on the keyboard.

Instead you'll need to press the Alt key, then select it as the first item in a pop-up list of characters and symbols.

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The numbers share keys with letters, so you'll need to hit the Fn key to enter numbers, but the Fn key is sticky (just press it once, you need not hold it down while pressing the desired number key) and with a double-tap of the Fn key you can turn num lock on (the same is true of the shift key).

Though not miraculously thin like the 0.46" Samsung Black Jack (technology isn't up to fitting the full Pocket PC edition hardware into wafer-thin phones), the 0.8" Treo actually feels more pleasant in hand with no thin, rectilinear edges poking at finger and palm nerves.

Clearly though, your pocket will favor the thinner Black Jack, even if your hand does not. The keyboard is largely unchanged from the Treo 700 line with similar key size, key travel and tactile feedback.

Top that off with a mini SD card slot (compatible with memory cards and SD Wi Fi cards), a 1.3MP camera and Bluetooth 1.2 and you've got the Treo 750.

Can the full-figured Treo compete against the likes of the Samsung Black Jack and T-Mobile Dash MS Smartphones?

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