When did prince edward and sophie begin dating

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From the beginning, Sophie seemed determined to do things differently than previous Windsor Wives and for a while it looked like she might succeed.

She was going to be a working wife, continuing to pursue her career in PR, while fulfilling royal duties as needed.

Sophie was seen to be unthreatening, a mixture of solid middle-class conventionality mixed with media modernity.

Colleagues from work described her as always game for a laugh and down to earth. Magazine, one of her clients, said “She’s not a girl of extremes and that’s essential to her character.

They were under pressure when she came on the scene.

The monarchy was facing criticism from over everything from the Civil List, whether the Queen should pay taxes, as well as the disastrous marriages of the royal children.

When her relationship with Prince Edward was first revealed to the public, Sophie was often compared to Princess Diana.

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Sophie was a mature woman of 34 who had dated her prince for over five years before she walked down the aisle at St. Diana and Fergie’s family had royal connections stretching back centuries, Sophie’s only connection was that she was descended from the 1st Viscount Molesworth, a 17th century diplomat with links to the Stuart Kings of England and the Queen Mother, making Sophie and Edward cousins of sorts.

She became well acquainted with the “men in grey” who had made Diana and Fergie’s lives as Royals so difficult.

Both Diana and Sarah were jealous that Sophie was getting special treatment they had been thrown to the wolves.

She even talked of putting of having royal offspring while she and Edward enjoyed married life.

Over the past 13 years, Sophie has weathered a host of storms including infertility, racy photos, questions about her business and a tabloid scandal that rocked the monarchy but Sophie came through relatively unscathed and has even taken the former Kate Middleton under her wing to teach her the ropes.

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